Participation Regulation

General submission conditions

  1. The works to be submitted must fit into the meeting themes:
    • Environmental reconstructions from the Pleistocene to the Anthropocene
    • Human-environment interactions and consequences
    • Key human, climate and environmental transitions
    • Methods and proxies applied to Quaternary research
  2. Authors have two types of presentation at their disposal: Oral Communication and Poster.
  3. The abstracts of the works sent to the 2nd METECH will be assessed by the Scientific Committee, which will decide on their acceptance for presentation as oral communication or poster, according to previously defined criteria and taking into account the option of the author(s).
  4. For the appropriate review of abstracts submitted for evaluation by the Scientific Committee, the following requirements must be met:
    • Submitted abstracts must be original; that is, they have never been previously presented or published in other congresses/meetings;
    • Each participant may submit only one abstract for an oral communication and an abstract for a poster presentation as the first author, with no limit on participation as co-authorship.
    • Each abstract can only be submitted to one of the sessions.
  5. All applications will be submitted after completing a specific form to be accessed on the official Congress page (Abstract submission), intended for this purpose, until March 15th, 2024, at 11:59 pm;
  6. Applications sent by any other means will not be accepted;
  7. The application must include the name and contact details of the first author who will be responsible for presenting the oral communication/poster and who must register at the Congress.
  8. The author responsible for submission will be informed via email of the acceptance or rejection of the work presented by April 5th, 2024.

General guidelines for Oral Communications and Posters

  1. The abstract for the oral communications or posters must be written in English.
  2. Proposals must be submitted by filling out the form available on the 2nd METECH website. All fields must be completed, not exceeding the defined number of words:
    • Title
    • Author(s) e affiliation(s)
    • Key-words – maximum 3 words
    • Abstract – maximum 300 words
    • Thematic session

3. The presentation of oral communications and posters will be made in English.

Specific Guidelines for Posters

  1. Posters must follow the organization of scientific communications and the following guidelines:
    • They must be designed in A0 size with vertical orientation.
    • They may contain photos, figures, graphics, diagrams, text and other elements.
    • The posters must include, below the title, the identification of the author(s).
  2. The posters will be displayed during the 2nd METECH in a location to be designated.
  3. During the poster session, one of the authors must remain with the poster to carry out its presentation and discussion.

Specific Guidelines for Oral Communications

  1. The construction must follow the organization of scientific communication and be in an electronic format (e.g., Microsoft Office PowerPoint or PDF).
  2. Oral communications will be presented within 15 minutes, followed by 5 minutes for discussion.

Evaluation of submissions

  1. The evaluation of the abstracts will be carried out by the members of the Scientific Committee.
  2. The evaluation referred to in the previous point will meet the following criteria:
    • Compliance with the requirements defined in this Regulation, namely the topics foreseen and listed.
    • Relevant scientific content.
    • Creativity and innovation.
  3. The members of the Scientific Committee have the right not to reject the abstract if it does not respect the indicated rules and/or does not have the quality to be presented at the meeting.
  4. There will be no appeal against the Jury’s decision.
  5. The Organizing Committee, in consensus with the decisions of the Scientific Committee, guarantees the presentation, in one of the foreseen formats (oral communication or poster), of all works whose abstracts have been approved.
  6. The communications contents are the responsibility of their authors and presenters.
  7. The abstract submissions to the 2nd METECH do not allow their use for other purposes without the authorization of the authors. However, the Organizing Committee reserves the right to publish it in the Summary Book.